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We are the premier corporate finance advisor of the Benelux. Founded in 2002, we provide corporate finance and strategic advisory services to medium to large sized corporates and investors. Our suite of services encompass M&A and Strategic Advisory, Capital Raising and Capital Restructuring.

M&A and Strategic Advisory

In a truly independent manner, Nielen Schuman helps clients evaluating some of their most strategic and complex decisions. We provide a full suite of advisory and execution services to the various stakeholders in acquisition and sales...

Capital Raising

Nielen Schuman was the first to provide truly independent Capital Raising services to the upper mid-market in the Benelux, assisting corporates and private equity held businesses with leveraged acquisition financing, recapitalisations and...

Capital Restructuring

Over the past decade Nielen Schuman has gained a leading role in the restructuring of companies which have been hit by the effects of the financial crisis. From the position as a truly independent expert advisor, we are a natural choice to...

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18 July 2017

TMG enters into partnership with Ergon for Keesing Media Group

Telegraaf Media Group (“TMG”) announces that the shares in Keesing Media Group will be sold to a partnership which will be set up with Ergon Capital Partners. The valuation of 100% of the shares of Keesing implied in the transaction is EUR 150 million. TMG will take a 30% stake in the new partnership. The transaction is subject to approval from the shareholders of TMG and the advice of the works councils of TMG and is expected to be completed within the next two months. Keesing is the European market leader in the field of puzzle magazines. Over the last couple of years, Keesing has...


It’s all about giving yourself a sense of purpose

I don’t just work at Nielen Schuman because my work is intellectually stimulating. Or because our diverse team is resourceful, entrepreneurial and committed. I love my job because it is fulfilling, challenging and it gives me a great sense of purpose. In my opinion this is what having a successful career is all about. What about you?

Joyce van Luit